Purple Box Boutique is looking for a select few brand ambassadors with an active social media presence who are passionate about our home decor.  If you are interested in making an income while promoting our brand and business, we welcome you to apply.  We will check out your social media platforms and see if you’d be a good fit.  Once checking out your brand, we will reach out to you with an invitation to join.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response.

Minimum Requirements For Applicants

  • Minimum of 10k followers on Instagram
  • Must have a social media presence that flows with our brand. 

Here is what you will get for joining:

  • You’ll earn a 10% commission for any online sale you refer to us.
  • You will also have the opportunity to select products from our distributors that correlate with your type of home décor style (think neutrals; vintage inspired; pink and pastels). 
  • 25% off any product you personally buy.
  • Your referrals get 15% off their first purchase - using your discount code. 
  • You will need a Paypal account to receive the commission payment. 
  • We will require W9 from all Brand Ambassadors upfront in order to be approved.  A 1099 will be issued to them during tax season.

If you are interested in joining our program, please contact us at or any of our social media platforms.  Include your name; social media handles and email address.  

Note: To maintain Brand Ambassador membership you have to maintain $100/year in sales. Your affiliate discount does not apply to items on sale.